WOD: 11-21-12

Strength:  15 mins to find max load:

1 Push Press

WOD L1:  Tabata style:  For time:

10 Dumbbell Press
20 Splendids
30 Push Press (85/55)
40 Burpees
50 Push Ups

WOD L2:  Tabata style:  For time:

50 Push Ups
40 Burpees
30 Push Press (95/65)
20 Splendids
10 Handstand Push Ups


It is the day before Thanksgiving so let’s go over a few things for which we should all be thankful…

  • Lauren’s e-mails
  • Today’s shoulder crushing workout
  • All of the Burpees programmed tomorrow
  • The fact that we have two incredible facilities
  • How good looking Josh Plosker is
  • Every “no-rep” you have ever received
  • Justin’s power beard
  • The incredible community made up of all of you
  • All of me
  • Baseline workouts
  • Bern’s constantly fresh haircut
  • Every time we have gathered
  • The support staff that we have!!! (assistant coaches, Vinicio & David, the cleaners, the desk staff)
  • Erin’s PERFECT handwriting
  • Me again
  • All of you again…

Seriously…we could not do this without all of you paying us to harass you,








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